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Living Room with Fireplace

What's your Aesthetic?

Sumra Shiers, a newcomer to the field of interior design and decoration, has consistently demonstrated her passion for the craft through her proficient work, effective communication, attentive listening skills, and timely project deliveries. With a portfolio that includes collaborations with reputable virtual interior design firms, she has artfully curated over 600 designs for clients nationwide. Passionate about enhancing living spaces, Sumra thrives on incorporating vibrant colors, intricate patterns, or maintaining a serene ambiance with neutral tones and rich textures. Her core objective is to permeate spaces with a blend of modern sophistication and charm, harmonizing her unique vision with that of her clients to achieve exquisitely designed living areas.

Transitional Living room.jpg


Modern Farmhouse

This living space was a blank canvas and needed a few pieces to enhance its comfortability and inviting nature. A large sectional and ottoman were added for plenty of seating. Landscape artwork was specifically chosen for this room to create a peaceful ambiance, and a bold patterned area rug contrasts perfectly with the neutral hues in the space. Finally, large arch mirrors enhanced the charming aspect of this room. 



This entryway is illuminated with a stylish table lamp, brass credenza, intricate handmade pottery, and a pop of pink flowers. The space is further enhanced with a fresh coat of semi-gloss paint and a large, round mirror. 

Entry Styling.jpg
Art Deco.jpeg


Art Deco

This California client was elated with the finishing touches for their space. The wallpaper speaks volumes of their style along with the painted trim, patterned pillow, and tall, statement table lamps. This project was pure joy and allowed me to style outside of my standard choices.

"What a wonderful experience working with Sumra. She was an excellent listener and took a great deal of time to understand what I was looking for. I was impressed with how much of what we discussed was reflected in her designs. She was extremely responsive to further input - for example, when I pushed for more color she delivered. Most importantly the designs were fantastic. I strongly suggest trusting her judgement - there were parts of the designs I was pretty hesitant about but just went with it. They are invariably the parts that get complimented the most. A friend of mine is a designer who's won some awards and been in some magazines - he was very complementary of her designs and the work. I thought that was a review worth passing along as well. I don't think these photos do justice to the design but I did want to show some of what she's done. I highly recommend Sumra." -Mark Doty


Mid-Century Rustic

This living space was nothing short of amazing. Some of the key features that truly enhanced the room included adding a deep shade of green paint to the walls, a patterned area rug to soften up the space, a well-styled coffee table, and the use of their existing leather rocking chair and sofa. This client was overjoyed with the outcome.

Mid-Century Rustic living room
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