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Tips for Decorating Your Wall Space

Decorating can be an exciting venture for those who enjoy making their homes a reflection of what they love. Inspiration can come from anywhere--nature, sports, dance, and culture. One thing that inspires me when I'm planning to turn a vision into a reality for my clients, is understanding how the space is going to be used daily. Is it a formal and delicate space that's only going to be used once or twice per year? Is it a welcoming family room for every person who walks through the door? Is it an oasis for relaxing and letting the worries of the day melt away? These are great starting points that can help set a project up for success.

I recently worked with a client who needed assistance with decorating their entryway. The entryway was long and narrow, and five walls needed to be styled. Because the walls were close together, I recommended not placing artwork on every wall, as this space needed room to breathe. As I learned in communication--years ago--white space is not your enemy. Who knew I would be using this phrase from my media studies for decorating?

No matter what questions you have, I'm going to show you how decorating your wall space can energize your home.

1. Gallery Wall

Styling your space with a gallery wall is a wonderful way to display various pieces that capture your style and add texture, depth, and lots of visual interest. This can be an arrangement of art subjects such as abstract or landscape; it can also be a combination of artwork, decor, and shelving as shown below. Consider using items that not only look great but also tell a story.

2. Large Canvas

Styling with large artwork creates an opportunity for a "Wow" moment. If you have large, empty walls, consider this route and carefully select that special piece for display in your home. It all depends on what you are drawn toward. It can be a mind-bending eclectic piece with bold colors, whimsical portraiture, a piece inspired by nature, or a minimalistic option. Whatever life-size piece you choose, keep in mind that it will be a focal point. So, make sure you love it.

3. Wallpaper

The first type of wallpaper I ever installed was black and white with a geometric pattern. It was a bold first choice, and it did NOT turn out as planned! This is also when I learned that geometric artwork and wallpaper were not on my list of favorite art preferences. However, the process was really simple because it was a peel-and-stick option, and it was a fun way to transform my office space. When searching for the perfect option, consider where you would like to place it. If you plan to style an accent wall in your living room, make sure it is the first wall you see, as this is the room's "moment." If you plan to style all your walls, in your entryway, for example, this is a wonderful choice, and it immediately adds drama to this area. Wherever you choose to place it, be sure to test it out before committing!

4. Mirrors

Placing mirrors strategically in your home can instantly transform your space. You can choose to hang them on multiple walls, sit them on the floor, or do both. If you have a smaller space, it is especially effective in creating the illusion that the room is deeper than it is. Additionally, if your room lacks sufficient natural lighting, having at least one mirror in this space, does not add natural lighting but it does allow the existing light to bounce off the glass, which makes your space appear larger than it truly is.

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