Five Ways to Elevate any Space

As a child, I constantly moved things around. I never really understood why I did it at the time, but an urge every so often--typically weekly-- would rise in me and I just had to rearrange decor and furniture. Little did my little self know that I was elevating my space!

As I got older, the habit continued, and when I married Micah, my husband, he'd never seen anything like it. He couldn't understand why I had to move things around so much. But months into our marriage, he was moving things right along with me.

Now that you know a little about my compulsive choices, I would like to share five ways I have learned from training and working with hundreds of customers on how to elevate any space.

1. Window Treatments

One sure way to elevate your space, especially if you have lower ceilings, is to add curtains to your windows. This adds depth to the room and provides a textural element that instantly softens the space, allowing it to feel more inviting. Also, your room will appear taller than it is because your eyes are drawn up toward the ceiling.

2. Paint

One quick and inexpensive way to instantly transform your room is by painting it. You can choose to paint all your walls, an accent wall, or your ceiling which is considered the fifth wall. One way to pick the right paint color is to analyze the furnishings in your room. Choose a color or colors that not only match the color scheme of your home but also matches the feeling that you want in your room. For example, if you would like your space to feel calm and relaxing, colors that fit this vibe are typically hues of green, blue, purple, and neutrals--fire hydrant red would not cut it.

3. Lighting

Do not underestimate the power of light in your space. Strategically placed lighting will instantly add depth and bring your space to life. For example, if your goal is to create an elegant and luxurious bedroom, consider using pendants or gallery lights on each side of your bed, a statement chandelier, and a pendant in a cozy reading nook. A variety of sources are available to transform your space such as wall sconces, ceiling light fixtures, LED strips, table and floor lamps, and gallery lights.

4. Decor

As an interior decorator, I've run into the challenge several times of choosing the right elements for a space. Honestly, it all comes down to what looks good and what creates the best balance in the space. One sure way to achieve a well-balanced space is to use decor with varying heights and depths. For example, if you would like to style your entryway wall and table, start with a large visual piece or a group of elements to go on your wall. This can be a large mirror, statement artwork, or a gallery wall of photos. Next, focus on your table. Place a tall item such as a vase with stems on one side. Next to this item, place a stack of books topped with a short candle or bowl to hold your personal items. On the opposite side of the table, choose a decorative object that is similar in height to the vase, such as a table lamp. Next to it, place a piece of artwork that is similar in height to the stacked books. Finally, in front of the artwork place a decorative object, such as an orb, that fits the scale of the candle atop the books. This example allows you to create a symmetrical and stylish entryway.

5. Declutter

Studies have shown that cluttered spaces can reduce productivity, lead to psychological and physiological effects on our health, and negatively affect one's perception of life. What you surround yourself with can become your reality. So, taking the time to declutter your space, one room at a time, giving it a good cleaning, and styling it with items that make you happy but are also functional, will immediately give you a sense of accomplishment and undoubtedly make you happy. If this is something that you struggle with, it's perfectly okay to take small steps in taking control of your life and taking your space back. One thing that I love doing when I get up in the morning is making the bed. That way when I have completed my tasks for the day, I know that a clean and organized bedroom awaits me. Try it out and write down or speak aloud how you feel as you accomplish these tasks.

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